how to make money during coronavirus
double way smart contract

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Advantages of

!!!With the hacking of your account, nomoney can be withdrawn

This is best investment site
Only 0.08 ETH
✅ Fully decentralised platform
✅ 100% Safe and secure
✅Risk free
✅ Is open source
✅ peer to peer Transaction
✅ 100% Transparency
✅ payment deposited direct to your Ethereum wallet
✅No Owner
✅No company No Third party involved
✅No chance of scam and shutdown
✅ No withdrawal request, Ethereum payment  credited direct to your own Trustwallet

  Disadvantages of
or  smart constract

Human Factor:❌ Codes are written by humans in smart contracts, and humans may be wrong! If a smart contract is placed on the blockchain, it can no longer be changed. One of the most famous human errors about smart contracts happened to The DAO. Developers’ mistakes in writing this code cost users dearly, and some hackers were able to take advantage of the error and steal about $ 60 million
Uncertain legal status:❌ No country has yet enacted rules for smart contracts. As a result, it is possible that some countries will soon adopt a series of regulations that will change the legal status of this type of contract
Writing costs: Smart contracts cannot be implemented without programming. It is necessary to use one or more qualified programmers to write this type of contract, and of course the internal structure of the companies involved in the contract must be compatible with blockchain technology

how to work with doubleway
Full Details Introducing a Beginner Introduction Guide

Go to the DOUBLEWAY.IO  site to register
And then follow the registration steps according to the video below

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The best way to make money on the days of Coronavirus

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